Girly Twirly

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I love this kind of nail polish. It reminds me of birthday parties, cupcakes and confetti. Random, & girly... I know. I finally found this little bottle of joy last week. It's called "Girly" by Revlon. I tried it out a few nights ago and well, basically, now I feel differently about it. 

Girly & Quick Dry Top Coat by Revlon

Even though I still think it's really pretty, this polish was really hard to work with. You 100% need a base coat and you need to have a few coats on before it starts to take effect and you can see the dimensions of the sparkles. I didn't take a picture because it just looked terrible, lol. I didn't use a base coat this time but I am going to give it a second shot with the base coat and hopefully I'll have better results.

Removing this gem is a task and a half. You need to soak your cotton pad in nail polish remover and then hold it on your nail for about 10 seconds and then get ready to scrub with all your might! 

I topped it with Quick Dry Top Coat by Revlon and used two coats. Since "Girly" has a million sparkles in it; when it dries, your nail feels course. One coat of Quick Dry wasn't enough. I love this top coat. It does just exactly what it claims. It does not prevent chipping and I actually find my polish chips off more when I have the top coat on; usually around the second day but, if you're in a hurry and you need your nails done ASAP, you're good to go with this guy!

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