Sunday, June 30, 2013

I did that. I hashtagged in a blog post title. Don't care? 

I'm excited to announce I got a new do! It's pretty dark and the blunt bangs were an adjustment but I've definitely warmed up to them(not that there was any question I wouldn't). I have had a day here and there when I miss my looooong hair but change is good and my hair will be long again. I'm someone who loves styling my hair all kinds of different ways so the only restriction I've come across so far is that because I have so many layers it's hard to switch it up from day to day other then from straight to curly.

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling lazy and the last thing I wanted to do was run a strainer or curling iron through my hair. I was trying for the life of me to get all of my hair pulled back into a topknot bun. I'm pretty sure that took more work then the straightener would have. I was teasing and spraying and pinning! Here is attempt at le bun. 

#nomakeupdontcare LOL. I should probably stop with the hashtags here. Although I do think this hairstyle turned out super cute because I absolutely love the headband(I also have it in pink and might be considering getting the cobalt blue also) I do find it funny to see the size that my bun used to be which now is about 1/3 of that. 

 If anyone has any suggestions or tutorials for different hairstyles for medium length hair with lots of layers, please post them in the comments below! 

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