Bunny Time!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy, Happiest of Easters! A little early, right? Not at our house; Mr. Bunny made his way to our house not one, not two, not even three, but four days early this year. Lucky us! Unfortunately my little bunny will be away this Easter *Sniff sniff*. Check it out!

"I wanna go see the Easter Bunny"

Creeping around the corner to see if he left the goods.

Looks like he made it.

I see some eggs.

Oh hey there. 

"Eggs Mommy"

She's clearly looking not interested in the eggs. She's looking right at all the fun stuff waiting on the couch! 

Sidewalk egg chalk! Can't wait for that!

Ceili, being my child obviously loves jewelry. The Childrens Place has a huge selection of it!

Testing out the new paint!

It was a fun evening! Next year, I don't think he'll be arriving quite so early.

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