When A Tree Falls Down...

Monday, March 18, 2013

It sure does make a sound; and a loud one at that.

Wednesday night there was a horrific wind storm. It wasn't anything to crazy anywhere else except our backyard apparently. Here's the story:

It was around 12:30 AM and Alex and I were almost sound asleep. All of the sudden we hear this really loud sound which I wouldn't describe as a bang, but maybe a clash? I'm not sure, the point is; it was loud. We jumped out of bed and ran into Ceili's room. We heard nothing but silence. Ceili is asleep like a baby. At this point we're confused and frightened. We very cautiously search the house looking for what made the noise; checking the doors & windows, making sure they're all locked & secure.

Still confused, we make it back into the bedroom and crawl into bed. Alex looks out the window and guess what he saw? The massive, huge, ginormous tree in our backyard with the clothesline attached to it has blown over. Not only has it blown over but it's blown over into not one but two of the neighbors lawns taking down their property fences. Oh sugar snap!

Then, Friday evening, Alex gets home from work and sees this wonderful note left on our door specifically. I'd like to point out we live in a 2 unit flat. Apparently they slept through the entire ordeal, lol.

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