Oh, you BAD gal, you.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

This my friends, is something I am excited to share with you; and that something would be "BAD gal" waterproof mascara by Benefit. Best mascara I have ever used. Usually I use CoverGirl "Clump Crusher" or "Fusion" which normally work really well for me but around mid afternoon I've found they do get a little bit flaky(no one likes a flake) and they don't really separate or lift my lashes to any great extent.  

"BAD gal" waterproof mascara by Benefit. 

I've seen this cosmetics line around and thought: "Can it really be so good that this small little tube of stuff is worth the price?" The answer is yes. Yes it can. The mascara itself is not flaky, gooey, gunky, chunky, monkey? Gotcha. Just seeing if you were paying attention... and I wanted another word that rhymed with chunky. Don't hate. 

The brush is made up of thick, wispy bristles and gets a little more slender towards the middle. It really, really separates the lashes and leaves your eyes with a va-va-voom effect. It's so easy to get your bottom lashes with this brush also without making a mess of the under eye area. 

The packaging for the entire makeup line is pretty fantastic; I must say. It also helps that the non-waterproof version of this mascara(because the waterproof version hasn't been around as long) was voted best mascara in 2011 byThe Readers' Choice Award  & in 2010, Elle Top 5 Awards the best mascara.

This wonderful tube of goodness can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart & Sephora. The cost you ask? Get ready; $26.00 at Shoppers & $19.00 at Sephora. Obviously I recommend getting it at Sephora however I realize not everyone has access to a Sephora. Keep in mind it can be ordered online from their website also!

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