Colors on a Rainy Day.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today being the rainy day that it was left Ceili and I housebound with not much to do other then inside stuff... or so we thought. I was hoping for some sunshine so we could go outside and color our pathway with colorful chalk eggs. Then it dawned on me; Ceili has rain boots and a rain jacket of all things. I swear, sometimes the most simplest things slip my mind these days. Mom brain? I hear it never goes away. 

When we went outside it was only lightly sprinkling. We made it for about 20 minutes before it started to rain harder. No fair! However I'm sure there will be many more rainy days in the near future, so my iPhone weather app tells me anyway. Ceili and I drew hearts and a picture of a 'rainy day' that probably won't last any longer then a couple of hours. She kept passing me different colors and then she would get me to trade. "You take blue chalk, Mommy." She was pretty proud of our picture!

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