Rock Lobster & Twirly Pearly`s.

Monday, May 20, 2013

If you look at my previous post, you'll notice the very first picture has two nasty lines through it. So Monday's magical mission was to exchange my camera so that's just what we did. For my outfit of the day, I used my iPhone and downloaded a neat app to edit and caption them! It was rainy and gross out today so it I had to find something comfortable to wear but I also wanted to dress up a bit. 

I paired this basic white silk top from Smart Set and my high waisted jeans from Garage. The shirt is loose and flowy and the jeans, well, do I really need to say anything other then they are high waist jeans? They scream ultimate comfort!

To dress it up a bit I added Limecrime`s bright red lipstick called Retrofuturist(which looks much brighter then this picture displays) and my favorite pearl necklace! 

To top it off, my bright red flats from Forever 21. When I wear these shoes the song ``Rock Lobster`` sang by Peter Griffin pops into my head many times because I think my feet look like lobster claws. ``We were at the beach. NA NA NA NA! Everybody had matching towels!``

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