My Beautiful Family.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Grandmother & sisters. 

"PAPA! Get the BBQ going." Ceili and Aunt Sherry.

My second cousin, Camryn taking it all in. 

 My niece, Abigail giving her Aunt a scowl.

 There was more. Much, much more. 


 My ladybug friend. 

Covered in dirt and loving it. 

 Ceili & Papa.

My wonderful Mama. <3

 My cousin, Emma :)

 Aunt Crystal(Kiki) & Camryn. 

 Emma & I <3

My sister & I being... my sister and I <3

 Aunt Cynthia and I <3 (Worst picture of me ever)

Emma & I again taking some selfies. 

 Kenny, Alanda and Abigail. Lovely picture. 

I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day with this group of people then on a beautiful lake in the sunshine, eating ridiculous amounts of food and getting eaten alive by black flies. The day zoomed by and came to an end as days often do however, as usual I can't wait to do this again. Not everyone's schedule lined up for today so not all of us are here but hopefully next time. 

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