Cream of the crop top.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Crop tops are something I never pictured myself wearing. I always wanted to but I never thought it would happen. When I found this sweet little lacy number I fell in love with it and bought it full well knowing in the back of my mind, the chances of me ever wearing it are next to none but I just have to have it. I would try it on once in a while and then take it and t
say to myself "not today". 

Last night I went out with my girls to celebrate the end of school. I walked into my closet and instantly started to stress thinking to myself " I have nothing to wear" until I saw it, just hanging there, screaming to be worn. What the hell, right? I'm doing it.

If you're anything like me and you love the idea of a crop top but don't feel quite as secure as you'd like when wearing one, don't write them off just yet. It might just be what you're pairing them with that's the problem. 

What I found worked for me was wearing them with something that had a pretty high waist. I also kept the rest of my outfit simple. Plain, black harem pants which are amazingly comfortable. (If you don't have a pair, get them!) A pair of colourful, beaded sandals for footwear. 

Bringing the waistline up higher provides a focal point for the eye causing the eye to focus on the most slender part of your body and creating more of an hour glass figure. 

Top: Winners
Pants: Dynamite
Shoes: Aldo
Bracelet: Forever 21
Clutch: Smart Set

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