Top 5 Trends for Your Home in 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

2014 may be half way over but that doesn't mean you should overlook these 5 amazing trends for your home. I have to say, they're good ones. 

1. Fur, fur and more FUR! I love that fur is in right now(Faux fur I might add). It has a place in almost any room in your home. If it's chic you're after, then throw a fluffy toss cushion on your sofa or accent chair to mix it up or if you're looking to achieve something that feels more rustic or industrial with a feminine edge, adding a fur throw can soften it up enough and give that little extra touch it needs so it doesn't appear to harsh.
2. Light woods. Something I was never a fan off but they have most definitely grown on me. For what seems like forever and a day, the craze has been dark wood. Lighter colored woods like oak, maple and walnut were phased out but have now made a comeback. The great thing about home decor now vs home decor 20 years ago is that then it wasn't "acceptable" to mix different types of wood. Now, it is totally acceptable to do such a thing. So don't panic. Buying all new pieces is not necessary. Mix and match those babies up. 

3. Turquoise has been showing up in many, many homes in 2014 and not in small amounts either. I'm so glad people are jumping on the color band wagon. Something I've learned(and not from being a decorator) is that most people are scared of color but especially when it comes to putting it in your home. Color will liven up a room all on it's own. If painting saturated hues all over the walls is to much for you, choose one wall to paint that pop of color on. That will serve as the focal point of the room and then select a neutral shade to paint on the surrounding walls. If you thought about it, and thought about, and then thought about it some more and you just can't take the plunge, a desk chair is another great way to go. 
4. Kitchens with added character are becoming more and more popular. A large amount of your time is spent in the kitchen: cooking, eating and entertaining. Why not give it some extra character like it deserves? Jewel tones and dramatic back splashes are the perfect way to do that. I love black, gold and white. It brings a whole new meaning to the word 'sharp'. Metallic's, deep purples and emerald also bring this look home. If you'd prefer something of a more simple look, try adding a chandelier with the tones incorporated into it for a little extra glam. Just be careful when using a large ceiling fixture. If the space is to small, find other ways to tie those tones in the room. 

5.  A softer classic. One of the things I enjoy most about black and white is the contrast they provide when paired together. What we`re seeing in 2014 is a much softer version of these two when paired with pastels. The white serves most of the room, while the black and pastels act as accents. It leaves the room feeling light and fresh. White furniture with mixed and matched toss cushions is a great way to achieve this look. 

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