Individual False Lashes

Monday, April 22, 2013

If you've got short lashes like myself, then get ready to love what I'm about to share. Individual lashes; best things ever. I know what you're thinking. They have got to be a pain to put on, right? Not even close. 

I think I should point out before we go any further that the brand Quo is a brand I've only used a couple of times. I bought a couple different sets of lashes and other then their individual lash pack, I would not recommend using the ones that come in a full strip. I found them incredibly hard to work with. I do have one more set that I am going to try out and of course, I will let you know how that turns out when I do! My favorite brand is Ardell but because I'm wearing the Quo set today, that's obviously why you're seeing pictures of this brand below.

The Quo tray comes with 42 individual lashes. 

Lash Adhesive by Ardell

The lash adhesive I use is made by Ardell also and it is the absolute best I've ever used. It works wonders! (Clearly I need to clean the top)

Voila! This is right after I finished them. Excuse the lack of hairdo going on here. 

This is at the end of the day after chasing a two year old and a one year old around all day! They held up great!

Lashes really make your eyes pop. I love the full band sets but I don't like wearing them throughout the day. I find because I have such small eyes, unless it's accompanied with dark makeup, it's to much. These handy dandy critters fill the daytime lash void perfectly. They are so simple to apply. All you will need is; tweezers, lash adhesive, lashes, a large mirror you can get very close to and your face!

Yes, I called them "critters".

Each eye has about 9 of the falsies placed onto the lash line.

I highly suggest checking them out. If you want the look without the fuss of the full sets, the individual lash sets are worth the money! (Ardell especially)

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