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Monday, April 08, 2013

The idea for this post came to me late on Saturday night. (I have no life. Seriously) As some of you know(if you know me personally) I plan on attending school to take Interior Decorating in the Fall and I can't wait. It's something I had considered quite a while ago but the area I was living in at the time wouldn't have really started me off with the career I'm looking for and there wouldn't have been much room to grow or even start your own business. I put that idea on the back burner for quite a while now and I'm so excited that I've decided to go for it.

Not to go to far back into history here but it's something I've always loved doing; rearranging furniture, painting walls, decorating and making a room look just sharp! I love color. I always seem to be drawn to bright, bold colors. This of course reflects into my wardrobe also. I have to remind myself that I need some neutral pieces to tone all the loud ones down.

Here are some of my favorite things I have in my house: 

This adorable little birdie I scooped up at Winners and he's made a home on my mantel. My favorite part about this piece is that he smells delicious. There are tiny, purple, smelly things in the inside. 

This beautiful vase is swirl after swirl of chocolate brown and blue. 

I love zebra print. You will find subtly in almost every room with the exception of my bathroom which has some pretty bold print in there. 

Told ya ;) This is in my bedroom and it keeps all of my scarves. I have so many storage baskets. So handy! 

As an accessory addict, I was so excited to find this necklace display! It goes perfectly with the theme of my room and now my necklaces can be hung up instead of getting all tangled and damaged in the jewelry bowl I had them sitting in. (3 of the necklaces you see here are from HelloFab. Check her out! Her online store is one of my favorites!)

 One tenth of my shoe collection. Need I say more?

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